MDG Design And Home Staging

When viewing a home, first impressions mean everything! Each time a client enters a property they will be greeted by a clean, soft and pleasant fresh scent. This scent comes from an all natural, safe crystal that is soaked in an essential oil. These crystals only require shaking to release additional aroma.

These scented crystals are available for purchasing even if you aren't staging a home! They are all natural, non-poisonous, and non-flammable. Depending on the humidity of your home, these crystals will last approximately six months to a year. However, after the oil is absorbed, don't discard the crystals as they last two to three years! Simply order more oil.

You may choose from the following scents:

Lemon (T) - Recommended for a clean fresh scent and in rooms where someone is suffering from a cold or illness.

Lavender (T) - Soothing and relaxation.

Eucalyptus (T) - Used for those suffering from allergies or asthmatics.

Clean Linen (T) - Clean fresh aroma.

Apple Cinnamon (T) - Provides an aroma similar to a freshly baked pie.

Pear Berry (T) - Sweet and light aroma.

Gardenia (T) - Fresh floral scent

** These items can be purchased without ordering home staging services.