MDG Design And Home Staging

MDG Design And Home Staging works directly with homeowners, builders, and real estate agents to create an emotional connection which motivates people in the market to purchase or even rent a home. People must be able to visualize themselves living in the property. By staging your home, it creates the needed connection for the potential buyer or renter and enables your home to be sold or rented faster and for top dollar! We have four key offerings: (1) Consultation & Recommendations (2) Full Service Staging Package (3) Partnership Staging Package and (4) Occupied & Vacant Staging.   

After the initial consultation, whether you decide to take advantage of our Full or Partnership Service Package, or stage on your own, MDG Design And Home Staging will be there every step of the way to make sure your home is to beautifully staged. We focus on all aspects to create an emotional connection to all that view your property.  We understand that reducing costs and increasing the potential to sell your home at top price are your primary goals.

If you currently occupy your home, MDG Design And Home Staging will utilize as much of your furnishings as possible. In some cases, it may require you to make small purchases in order to quickly and inexpensively  create that emotional connection buyers need to feel.

If your home is vacant home, MDG Design And Home Staging works with several furniture rental stores which can deliver furniture within 48 hours. By selecting to work with us, you will be eligible to receive any discounts that we receive with those furniture rental companies!

We also offer a (Re)-design on a Dime services for those interested in just a change in their home or apartment. Sometimes, we just need or want to change our environment but find ourselves on a strict budget. (Re)-design on a dime allows you to refurbish that family heirloom, thrift shop, or yard sale treasure without spending a lot. (Re)-design can be as simple as painting or updating a room or feature(s) in the room.

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